Leadership Secrets from the Bible No Guru Needed

The Bible is the Word of God and if you are willing to study it for yourself, no Guru is needed for mentorship. God himself can lead you. This course simply navigate the Bible to help you see this for yourself.


The Bible offends many people today. There is a movement to remove it from public places and quiet our voices. If this is how you feel, this course is not for you. There are many secular options that will meet your personal development needs. ************************************************************************************************ I am no Theologian.I am just like you - a Christian seeking to grow in the faith. If I can embrace the Word of God seamlessly into my business, then it can be done. If it can be done, YOU can do it! Like everyone else, Christian leaders, and entrepreneurs consume personal and business development via popular Gurus, self-help books, and workshops. NO GURU NEEDED! Psalms 16:7 "I bless Adonai, my counselor; at night my inmost being instructs me." (CJB) Isaiah 48:17 "This is what the Lord says— your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go." Luke 6:40 reminds us that a student can be like his teacher but not greater than the teacher. In other words, a teacher/coach/mentor can only carry us as far as they have gone. How is it that we, Christians, do not seek to learn from Jesus, the MASTER Teacher? Psalms 119:99 "I have more understanding than all my teachers, because I meditate on your instruction." (CJB) *********************************************************************************************************** Amazingly, even though I had read the Bible from cover to cover many times over many years, I did not see this until I asked to see it. I asked the Lord for answers.  I was desperate to hear from Him because I had run out of other options. The recession/depression of 2006-2010 showed me, a multiple-certified expert in the financial space, that the secular way of doing money and finances was an inferior system, built on sand. That is why it crashed and took so many Christians with it - including me. When I cried to the Lord, He reminded me that as bad as my situation seemed, it was still a merciful place as He graciously did not allow me to endure what I deserved; that my condition was in direct correlation to my actions and omissions. Romans 13:8 says, "Owe no man any debt but love." Well, I owed and owed, because the world taught leverage. For example; swiping that little card, and for a tiny bit per month, I could acquire assets beyond my current income. For little to zero down, many owned property they later lost to foreclosures. The Lord patiently taught me over the next months directly from His Word, and as the insights came, I noted them and eventually published them in my book, The Bible on Business, and The Creditors Are Coming. The Bible has tons of practical, relevant tips and strategies for leadership, money, investing, and much more. In addition to my books, this course is designed to help Christians come to the same conclusion - and seek first what God has to say on a matter, before, and even alongside human wisdom. Students to this course are invited (not required) to connect with me in my G+ community for prayer, encouragement, and support.

Leaders need Mentors and leaders are Mentors. Christian leaders should lead as Jesus did and the Bible is the best resource for learning to lead like Jesus. This is not a comprehensive study, but it is value-packed with enough to help you navigate the Bible to see leadership guidelines on display and hopefully whet your appetite to continue personal study and reflection for this inspiration on during your own Bible study.


Learn From the Master

The Bible on Business

Coming Out of the Closet


Trudy Beerman

* I grew up a Missionary Kid, and I know family finance from that perspective.
* I served a Christian non-profit in an administrative capacity, and I know ministry finance from that perspective.
* I have left a poor Third-World country to seek the American dream. I know the immigrant's struggle.
* I served in corporate America and had to handle a multi-million dollar budget for the two departments I ran. I understand faithful and ethical financial management from that perspective.
* I served as a church administrator, plus my father and brother are senior Pastors of both small and sizeable congregations, so I know church finances from an inside perspective.
* I endured a divorce 25 years ago, and survived that financial ruin. So I know personal finances from that perspective.
* I took care of my grandmother in her final years and administrated her affairs. I know family finances from a Caregiver's perspective.
* I traded Forex and know the emotional roller coaster ride of that and the 'gambler's mindset'.
* God buffered my family with abundance before the recession, so I enjoyed finances from a place of abundance perspective.
* Our family then lost it all during the recession of 2006-2012, and a member of our family had to file for bankruptcy. So I know desperation from that perspective.
* Then the Lord helped us climb out of that deep negative financial hole after the recession. I know restorative finance and trusting God through the storm perspective.
* I have many years of serving the families in various churches as a financial literacy table leader and/or Budget Coach. So I have a general overview of family financial situations from that perspective.
* I helped author a Florida state approved pre marriage course that included the mandatory segment on family finances. So, I understand divorce avoidance over money issues from that perspective.
* I am building multiple profitable businesses and Coach other Christian entrepreneurs to do the same. So I understand Biblical Finance from a leadership perspective.
* I hold multiple license and certifications in the financial services industry. So I understand the industry, its limitations and liabilities.

There are too many Christians in line for a handOUT and not enough of us able to offer a hand UP. This needs to change and I share with you what God showed me. Connect with me https://cashercise.gr8.com/

It’s true - I am credentialled in the finance space, achieved the highest rank in one of my companies, and followed by more than 31K fans; but what most people do not know is - there was a time when I would peak out my window expecting to see the repo man, and grateful for help from my parents to feed my kids.
I am Trudy Beerman. I provide strategies that help the small business owner fund their expansion by building business credit, improve their personal credit to a 720+ score, so they become debt free, outrageously profitable, and joyfully generous.
I know the catch 22 we experience and have made strides to build the bridge we all so urgently need. We tend to make more money than the average W2 employee, but we write everything off in taxes and now our tax records limit our ability to say - qualify for a home loan.
We max our personal credit to build the business, then we limit that build because our credit is destroyed.
I bring certified credentials, prayer, love, my testimony, my ever increasing maturity in Christ, and my experiences to the consulting table.
Check out my signature CASHercise(TM) program and get out of the handouts line, and lead in impacting lives by being in a position to offer a hand UP! Don’t just take my word on this.
Trudy is an author and the VP of Profitable Stewardship, Inc., an educational consulting firm where Christian income earners grow, manage, protect and generously give from the resources God put under their control. If this is you, LET’S CONNECT! There are too many Christians in line for a handout and not enough in a position to offer a hand UP. We want to be – and lead the faithful to the realm of more, of abundance, of prosperity; the place where joyful, generous giving is easy and impactful. We are convinced, prosperity is not an entitlement, but it is within reach of us all. This is not a prosperity gospel site, nor do we ascribe to a path of poverty. We believe in effectively managing the time, talent, temple (body) and temple God has given us, to enjoy a harvest of treasure, from which we give back to God what is His, and generously to those in need. “Well done, good and faithful servant. “His master replied. “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.” Matthew 25:23. I am an Ordained Minister, the Biblical Stewardship Auditor who surgically dissects the Christian income earner’s life, challenges their status quo and partners with God to help reinforce bold courage, Biblical operating standards, and a laser-focus on having a profitable return to whatever God puts under your control.