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Why This Course Makes Sense

A credit score is an objective rating of your financial integrity. Your financial integrity is an outcome of your money management behavior. To ask a friend, or vendor to give you access to a loan or goods, a job with exposure to corporate assets, or to just do business with you is challenging. Knowing that you have a good credit score offers them some peace of mind regarding trusting you. While a credit score is not a guarantee the person is someone who sticks to agreements, it is the next best thing for decision-makers who do not have a personal background with you to use. Generally, the goal is to pursue the highest credit score your behavior can get you. If your score is not where you want it to be, YOUR BEHAVIOUR CAN BE MODIFIED. This course will offer education, suggestions and practical tips to help you change your behavior and financial activity in ways that move a credit score up to the 720+ range. Remember: Prosperity is not guaranteed, but it IS within reach.

The Past Can Hurt, But...