How to Make Sales Income FEEL Like a Predictable Paycheck

  The Stable Financial Table
Image and income are not equal. An equation means what is on one side equals the other, so 1+1=3-1; and Image does not ALWAYS equal increased income. People avoid a career in sales mostly because of the lack of a predictability in income from sales and commission compensation structures. This course is geared to moving closer to having a ‘STABLE TABLE”. The Stable Table is my terminology equivalent to the predictable paycheck of those on salary or wages. Too many in sales dig themselves into a lifestyle that is unsustainable because they use debt to create a FALSE IMAGE of success, HOPING that image will fool people that they are successful, thus being more inclined to do business with them. While that strategy MAY create new clients it is also setting you up for un-sustainability, and possibly even causing an exit from what has been a great career at some point in your income history.

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