Side Hustle Opportunities

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  Teach English to Chinese Kids
  Teach CPR
  Credit Repair
  Monetize Your Hobby
  Become a Speaker or Coach
  Sell Financial Services
  Become a Property Service Vendor
  Become a Notary Signing Agent
  Sell for Us

Idea Directory

This list will be updated as we get more ideas to share.

Everything in this list I - Trudy Beerman, or a family member - has done, or are currently doing.

Idea List Best suited for                        
Sell for us We pay for referrals! If you refer a brand to get a TV Channel on PSI TV, you can earn $250-$1250 per sale, for example. Our Financial Academy also pays out for new student referrals.                         
Teach CPR  Those who are/were in an industry that requires CPR certification                        
Teach English to Chinese kids A Bachelor's degree and an 'American(ish)' accent are required. This is a job that pays $20-22/hour during the 4 am-8:30 am window EST or the timezone equivalent.                        
Credit Repair Anyone who has taken the steps to fix their own credit and loved the process and are passionate about helping others                        
Sell Insurance & Financial Services Millionaires are made here, but this is not for the faint of heart.                         
Monetize Your Hobby Whatever you enjoy tinkering with or doing, can be monetized. (Trail hiking, Marathon participation, sewing, clay figurines, you name it)                        
Become a Speaker/Coach Overcame a life challenge (weight loss, illness, debt, etc), OR you have a skill others want to learn that you can teach from a stage or through Coaching? This may be for you.                        
Become a Bank/Trust Property Service Vendor

Perfect add-on for those already in the lawn care, janitorial, or handyman business. Bank-owned or Trust Managed properties need to be maintained to avoid city code penalties or made ready for transfer to a new owner. These institutions hire Vendor Management companies, who in turn, hire vendors to provide services to these properties.  

Notary Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agents make approximately $75-$250 per mobile signing project. Many loans are closed in the client's office or home and to prevent fraud, banks and institutions request mobile Notaries to connect with their client to have all the loan documents initialed, signed, and notarized. Becoming a Notary and then becoming a signing agent is not difficult, nor a huge investment of time or money and can be a great side-hustle as Banks send out the jobs via apps, similar to the Uber driver experience.