Side Hustle Opportunities

  Idea List
  Teach English to Chinese Kids
  Teach CPR
  Credit Repair
  Monetize Your Hobby
  Become a Speaker or Coach
  Sell Financial Services
  Become a Property Service Vendor
  Become a Notary Signing Agent
  Sell for Us

Sell for us

The FASTEST way to stop being broke is - to earn more money.
The FASTEST way to be richer is - to earn more money.
Let us help you achieve either goal.

Students, past and current are especially invited to consider becoming an affiliate with us. If you were going to share with friends and associates about us, why not get compensated for doing so?

Are you a media, videographer, or PR firm with clients who are creating video content? Then consider suggesting they get a branded channel on TV and earn a juice commission in the process or at least a show in our permanent Biz TV directory.

Do you know a church or non-profit that would benefit from having a branded TV channel to share their message, but need help with the cost? Consider offering your commission payout as a 'gift' toward their channel cost, and we will give you the paperwork so they can give you the donation receipt for that gift. You get to write that off on your taxes, and they get help with the cost. #WinWin

Check-in with us from time to time as we are likely to add new commission offers so you can earn money for referring us.