The Prosperity Game

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I Played This Game Too

This game has been played by thousands before you. First on a Facebook page, then on a website. Unfortunately, due to a site crash, lots of data was lost and this game had to be rebuilt on this new platform. Sometimes tears are a result of pain, but they also tend to wash the past into the past.

Whatever is your current story - know that you have the power to change the ending. This game is a fabulous way to decide what that ending looks like.

As an author of many books, I can tell you that before those books became a reality available for purchase in stores, they started with an idea. That idea was all in my head UNTIL I put it in writing. That writing became a real product that earns me real money. This is also the perfect analogy for how a game like this can help write the new, brilliant, abundant new chapters in your life.

This is a picture I took years ago, along with a few of my clients who wanted to pose with my Prosperity Check Poster

Trudy Beerman with Prosperity Check